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CelebDeaths — LiveJournal

Jan. 11th, 2007

10:45 am - Lily Munster

Yvonne De Carlo. :^(

Dec. 14th, 2006

03:01 am - Peter Boyle

October 18, 1935 – December 12, 2006.


Mar. 7th, 2006

05:35 am

Kirby Puckett had one of the best names in sports. RIP, Kirby.

What do you think of the obligatory Oscars montage of the dead celebs of 2005? We definitely missed the boat for a lot of these people.
A: I didn't know Sandra Dee died!
B: Yep, the Dee stands for "deceased."

Feb. 25th, 2006

11:19 pm - Don Knotts, 1924-2006

Don Knotts.

I miss him already.

Current Mood: sadsad

Aug. 7th, 2005

11:22 pm - Peter Jennings, 1938 -- 2005

Peter Jennings gained the world's trust and respect and become reknowned and got some bitchin' journalism skills as a foreign correspondant for ABC in the 60's and 70's, winning the Peabody Award in 1974 for his profile of the Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat. In 1983, he became the sole ABC anchor and dominated the ratings for the next decade. Four months ago he stepped down from this position to receive treatment for lung cancer (He'd smoked heavily for years-- GO FIGURE!) He lost his fight with cancer earlier today, dying at age 67. Did I mention he was Canadian? Because he was.

Peace out, Peter Jennings, you kicked ass.

Jun. 7th, 2005

06:46 pm - Anne Bancroft 1931-2005

Actress Anne Bancroft, who won an Oscar for The Miracle Worker and a place in pop culture history as the seductive Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, died Monday of cancer; she was 73.

P.S. I felt really too lazy to write anything myself so I just copy/pasted the blurb from IMDB.

Apr. 3rd, 2005

09:03 pm - Pope John Paul II 1921-2005

Well he was... the pope! And superfabulous!

See? Even my own anti-beaurocratic-Catholic-church self mourns the my poor fellow Pole.

Feb. 20th, 2005

11:52 pm - Hunter S. Thompson 1937--2005

Writer Hunter S. Thompson was found dead today at his home/compound in Aspen, Colorado, and, as the news always says, it was apparently a suicide; he shot and killed himself. Thompson is most famous for pioneering the new style of journalism with he called "gonzo journalism," in which the writer is an integral part of the story he writes. He gained fame writing for Rolling Stone magazine, where one of his most famous works, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, about a drug-drenched weekend in Vegas, was published. He also wrote Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, which detailed the election of Richard Nixon. His first and only novel, The Rum Diary, was published in 1998, and was based on his experiences as a journalist in Puerto Rico.

Thompson designed a memorial to himself to be built on his ranch after his death-- a statue of a fist with two thumbs, which was to him the symbol of ultimate strength. He was a crazy drug addict, pretty weird and insane, and an amazing, pioneering writer. The world is a lot less freaky and interesting without him.

Note: Hunter S. Thompson is one of my author-heroes. I heard this on the radio about ten minutes ago and then rushed down here to type this up. It feels so weird. He's a doctor of fucking journalism! He fought the swine! I'm sad.

Feb. 11th, 2005

10:18 pm - Arthur Miller 1914-- 2005

Arthur Miller was one of the most important American playwrights of the 20th century. He first acheived success with his play Death of a Salesman, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize at age 33. He was among those blacklisted by the government in the 1950's as a communist. His play The Crucible, which was on the surface about the Salem witch trials, was really an allegory for the communist witch hunt. His second wife was Marilyn Monroe, and he wrote two plays about their marriage: After the Fall, and the last play he wrote (which premiered late last year), Finishing the Picture, about the conflict on the set of the movie the Misfits, which he also wrote. Monroe committed suicide the same year he married his third wife. His daughter's married to Daniel Day-Lewis-- oh the magical things you learn via Yahoo! News when someone dies.

He died last Thursday night of congestive heart (whatever that means?) at his home in Connecticut.

This is major suck you guys! I love Arthur Miller.

Current Mood: sadsad

Feb. 5th, 2005

01:52 pm - Ossie Davis 1917-2005

Ossie Davis was one of the first great black actors, and a passionate civil rights activist. He was in the TV Miniseries Roots, based off the book by Alex Haley, who wrote the autobiography of Malcolm X (a great friend of Davis', whose eulogy he read. He read a voice-over of this famous eulogy for Spike Lee's film about Malcolm X.) He also acted in the Spike Lee films Do the Right Thing and Jungle Fever with his wife, actress Ruby Dee. Besides these, he has been in a bazillion TV-series, films, and plays. Overall, he was really awesome. It a makes me sad, even though he was pretty old.

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